Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the poster show I am older than I am?

This may look like the case, but it does show the right age. Let us explain, going back to when you were born, there is no year 0 and you start on the first year of your life/poster. On your first birthday, the whole first row would be filled up and you start on 2 and so on. For example, let us say your 33 and a couple months old. Your prefilled poster (based on prefilled date to order date) will have 33 complete rows and the 34th row should be partially filled in to reflect the couple months. On the examples 34th birthday all the first 34 rows should be filled in.

If you are still confused or believe your poster is still wrong, please reach out to us at

When will I receive my order?

You can expect your order 1-2 weeks from your order date. Each order has a processing time of 3-5 business days and shipping transit times of 2-5 days. Complete shipping information can be found here.

How do I use Weeks Of My Life Poster?

Each week you fill in 1 box, that is it! We suggest you pick 1 day a week, such as Sunday or Monday, to fill in your box. When starting your week with a reflection of your poster, continuing to fill in each box creates a form of discipline/habit that can translate to other areas of your life.

Work towards weekly and monthly goals, track accomplishments, focus on the now, plan for future endeavors, stop procrastinating, and much more box by box.

You can use permanent marker to mark the margins or use sticky notes for a less permanent solution.

What type of frame and pens should I get?

We suggest frames the meant for the size of the poster, 24”x36”, and picking up at your local retail store. We have found this may be a better option to avoid damage for a frame of this size. We do not have a preference of retail story, any should do!

Our pen suggestion is a permanent marker, we prefer Sharpie, or a gel pen should work. Be sure to test the color of your pen before beginning to fill out your poster!

What are my customization options?

You can customize the following:

  • Prefilled or Blank
  • Color (Black/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red)
  • Logo Removal (no or yes)

What type of paper is the poster made from?

Weeks Of My Life is printed on thick, high-quality digital print 24”x36” semigloss poster paper.

My poster came damaged, what do I do?

Please contact our customer service team ASAP to file a claim at We ask that you provide your: Order number; Full Name; and Photos of the damages (we need these to file a claim with our shipping carrier!). You should expect a response within 24-48 hours. Complete returns and refunds information can be found here.

Other questions or concerns?

If this F.A.Q did not point you in the right direction, please contact us at We get back to our customers within 24-48 hours.